Foods and drinks to avoid when traveling

Foods and drinks to avoid when travelingEveryone enjoys exploring foreign countries and coming across a wide variety of new foods and drinks. Most of these foods are so tasty. However, have you taken your time to research the food and water condition of the place?

Most people forget to do this! When traveling to a place you have never been in to before, you must take caution about the type of foods available and their water and food conditions. Good Green Moving provides you with great tips on the foods and drinks to avoid consuming when traveling.

1.      Raw food

Maybe you might be consuming a type of food without the knowledge that it is raw. Raw foods include fruit and vegetable salads or raw meat cooked with acidic liquids. These foods tend to have moisture in them. Bacteria and germs survive in places that have moisture. Consuming such foods put you at a risk of complicating your health through an illness that involves severe diarrhea and vomiting. No one would want this to happen to them, right? We advise you to consume only HOT foods because their high heat permanently kills the germs. Avoid warm foods too. They contain germs!

2.     Tap water and ice

Do a research on the water sanitation of a place. Do not drink water in places that face water scarcity or have a poor drainage system. Do not attempt taking drinks that have ice as most of them tend to be made from tap water. This is because this water tends to be contaminated with bacteria and other viruses that can be harmful to your health. You should only consume water from sealed bottles from known brands. Do not consume street bottled water! They might be sealed using brands yet they are tap water. You can also chemically treat or boil water before using.

3.    Unpasteurized milk and milk products

Milk products in different countries tend to vary depending on the enzymes. Avoid unpasteurized and other products such as cheese. This is because you may end up consuming foreign enzyme to your body. This can cause body illness.

4.    Street foods

When new to a place, you might find their foods as mouthwatering. You may get tempted to eat street foods. To be on the safe side, do not attempt consuming any street food to avoid putting your health at risk. This is because you do not know the conditions under which the food was prepared; whether it was washed or not. Keep off!

5.     Seafood

You may go for a fishing adventure during your travel. However, do not attempt eating any of that seafood. This is because some of them are contaminated with bacteria and viruses. The locals’ bodies might have adapted to it but your body has not. Avoid seafood!

6.    Fountain drinks

Any drink, whether a soft drink or juice that comes from a fountain is always not unsafe. This is because this drink is made by water and added syrup. Do you have an idea of whether the water is safe or not? No, you do not. So it best to keep off in order to avoid health complications.

7.     Squeezed juice

Squeezed juices are considered healthy and nutritious. Due to this fact, most people crave to drink them. However, they do not even know the source of the juice or if the person who made it had washed their hands. Instead, buy fruits, wash them thoroughly with clean water and squeeze them yourself.

–  following these tips will protect you from putting your health at a greater risk. Stay safe.