You should know these before visiting the Netherlands

The Netherlands can be a great holiday destination for tourists. But, because they really don’t know what the Netherlands is all about, they don’t really consider going. There are many people that are only talking negative about the country, and this can mean that people are hesitant about going. With all these information, you will know that you won’t regret visiting the Netherlands.

The Netherlands and Holland aren’t the same countries

The first thing that can be really confusing, is the fact that many people are thinking that the Netherlands and Holland is the same place. However, this isn’t correct.

Holland might be in the Netherlands, but it isn’t the same thing. The locals can be so angry when people are claiming that it is the same place, just with different names. You should make sure if you want to visit the Netherlands or Holland.

Most people do understand English in the country

Going to a foreign country normally means that you might not understand the locals. And, the locals might not understand you. This can become frustrating.

However, when you are visiting the Netherlands, most of them speak and understand English. Making it easier to communicate. Yes, there are some locals that don’t speak English, but they are not the majority.

You can buy Cannabis legally

If you ever wanted to try to use cannabis, then going to the Netherlands is a great idea. There you can buy it legally without any problems. There are coffee shops where you can purchase legal cannabis. The only rule is that you should smoke the cannabis in the coffee shop and not take it out of the shop.

If you are getting caught with cannabis, you can be in serious trouble. You need to prove that it is the legal type of cannabis before you are released.

They aren’t shy about serving beer

Beer lovers are going to the Netherlands all the time. This is because there the locals aren’t shy with their beer. If you think that you can only order a small glass of beer, then you should think again.

Most of the restaurants and bars are only serving beer in pints. Meaning that you are going to get a large glass of beer. Not something that most people are complaining about. This is just something to consider if you aren’t a serious beer drinker and you want to order just a normal glass of beer.

The Netherlands can be a great holiday destination. However, you need to make sure that you know all about the country before you decide that you don’t want to visit the country at all. There are really interesting things to do and you even might experience something that you never would think is possible. You don’t need to worry about making a trip to the Netherlands. In fact, it might be a trip of a lifetime.